PREORDER Sockeye Salmon 6-8 oz. portions: 10- 50 lb. boxes

Fill your freezer with the most beautiful, delicious salmon you've ever tasted. Our salmon is harvested sustainably from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. The flavor, texture, and color can't be beat. These perfectly sized portions (6-8 oz.) are our best seller. 

Approximate amount of pieces per box size. Portions feed 1-2 each. 

10 lbs.- 23 pieces

20 lbs- 46 pieces

30 lbs- 69 pieces 

40 lbs. 92 pieces

50 lbs: 115 pieces 

  • Individually vacuum packed, boneless
  • A note on freezer space: our larger shares don’t take up as much room as you may think. A 10 lb. share takes up less than 1 cubic foot of freezer space.  A standard top freezer refrigerator has around 4 cubic feet of freezer space.
  • Split a box with your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers- the more you purchase, the more you save. 
  • All shares include our favorite recipes 
  • Free shipping within the Continental U.S. for all salmon shares 
  • Please read important shipping information before placing your order to ensure your seafood will be delivered at a time that works for you. 

For answers to more questions, please visit our FAQ page. 


Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product

Awesome product. Shipments always arrive when they’re supposed to and the salmon is well packed. We get the 10lb package and the shipping container fits perfectly in our freezer. The serving sizes are perfect and the flavor is fantastic…Can’t get this quality or service locally.

Always arrives on time and still frozen

Very happy with SmartSource Seafood. Salmon has always arrived on time and still frozen. I am notified when shipment will arrive and given an option to change date if I need to. The flavor of the salmon is so much better than any I have bought in the stores and restaurants.

Hooked immediately

After we first ordered a 5# small sampler type box from Maddie It was pretty much a done deal! We were hooked immediately. For starters all of the conversation back and forth from Maddie was perfect. She knows her product, and that gave me a lot of confidence. From there everything happened just like she said it would. We could not be any happier. The quality of the salmon is amazing. As well as beautiful to look at and flavor profile is amazing. You can not get product in any store that is this good. We have also ordered fillets, as well as smoked 6-8 oz portions. For the finally we have also ordered halibut!! I’m telling you the truth in that everything we have ordered from them has been perfect and delicious. I live in a small town in California, we are 300 miles from LA, and 250 miles from Reno NV. So for us to get fish that is this fresh and have this kind of quality is pretty amazing. What a BLESSING!! I promise that you will not be disappointed no matter what you order. Thank you to Maddie and Smart Source Seafood!

Will be ordering again

I recently ordered 50 lbs of Smart Source Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillets. Maddie was very personable and was a joy to deal with. Now to the salmon. The salmon was shipped overnight to Texas and arrived by by 10:00 am. The salmon was rock solid frozen as guaranteed. My children were at the house for Thanksgiving so I decided to grill a salmon filet. My children are 31 and 26 and both have never liked salmon. Not only did both of them like the salmon, their comment was that it did not taste like any salmon they have had before. The Smart Source process does ensure that their salmon stays fresh tasting months later. I am sure that my supply of this great tasting salmon will not last long since both my wife and I will be eating it at least once a week We will definitely be ordering more in the near future.

Customer Reviews

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