Our Seafood

We offer the following species of Wild Alaska Seafood. All of our wild-caught seafood is harvested sustainably to ensure our fisheries are around for generations to come.


whole raw and cooked sockeye salmon collage

APPEARANCE: Bright, deep red, firm fillets

TASTE: Rich, full flavor

PACKAGING: Available is 6-8 oz. portions and 1-2 lb. fillets. Skin on, boneless. All salmon is flash frozen and individually vacuum packed to enjoy at your convenience. We occasionally offer whole headed and gutted (H&G) sockeye salmon by request. 

COOKING: Suitable for grilling, broiling, sautéing, baking, poaching, steaming, and smoking.

HOW IT'S CAUGHT: All our sockeye salmon is caught in Bristol Bay, in the Egegik district. We use a gillnet to catch our fish, and there is very little by catch with this method. As with all Alaska fisheries, Bristol Bay is managed with great care to ensure there will be sockeye salmon for generations to come. 


smoked salmon collage

APPEARANCE: Smoked keta salmon is bright red and beautiful. 

FLAVOR: Incredible. Smoked using local alder wood and no added chemicals. It's slightly sweet, salty, and addicting. 

PACKAGING: Comes in 8 oz pieces. Smoking salmon reduces water content, which means the oils and flavor are condensed down. Boneless. Add any amount onto your salmon share, or order a 5 or 10 lb. share by itself. 

COOKING: There's no need to cook it, just thaw and enjoy plain, or add it to your favorite pastas, soups, or bagels. We love throwing packages of smoked salmon into our packs for camping trips or other adventures. It keeps very well. 



APPEARANCE: Alaska cod has moist, firm fillets, and distinctive large flakes

FLAVOR: Slightly sweet, mild taste 

PACKAGING: Comes in individually vacuum packed 5-8 oz. portions. Boneless and skinless. Add 10, 20, or 30 lbs. onto any salmon share, or order by itself. 

COOKING: It’s extremely versatile and can be grilled, poached, steamed, sauteed, and makes excellent tacos and out of this world fish and chips. It’s low in calories and packed with high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

HOW IT'S CAUGHT: Our cod is all caught  by our next door neighbor, AlRay Carroll. AlRay is a lifelong Alaskan and has been commercial fishing for over 30 years. He takes great care in his catch, and works hard during the cold winter months (January- March) to catch top-notch cod. All our cod is caught in pots aboard his boat, the F/V Amber Dawn. 


APPEARANCE: Bright white, known for its firm, flaky fillets that hold together while cooking. The "steak" of seafood.

FLAVOR: Delicate, succulent, slightly sweet flavor

PACKAGING: Comes individually vacuum packed in 6-8 oz. portions. Boneless and skinless. Add 10, 20, or 30 lbs. onto any salmon share, or order by itself. 

HOW IT'S CAUGHT: Our wild Alaska halibut comes individually vacuum packed in 6-8 oz. portions. It is caught with longline gear on board the F/V Dangerous Cape, a 58-foot family-owned fishing boat in Homer, AK. We purchase the halibut directly from the fisherman, Erik Velsko. He handles his catch carefully and targets the tasty, small halibut that are under 40 lbs. Not only are these the healthiest halibut for you to eat, but they're the most delicious too!

COOKING: Maintains its shape well while cooking, so it's great for all cooking methods.