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Please note: Sockeye salmon burger does not come in premade patties. It comes in burger form, ready to make your own burgers. It looks very similar to sockeye salmon portions in the package, but will come with a different label. 

Preorder your share of the catch, and we'll ship it when we return from fishing in early October. More information on shipping here. 

Salmon burger is the sweet meat scraped from the frame of the sockeye salmon after filleting. It's perfect for making salmon burgers, tacos, and fish cakes. 

  • Individually vacuum packed in 8 oz. bags
  • Skinless and boneless 
  • Nothing added- just salmon!
  • Add extras and come up with delicious, super healthy salmon burgers
  • An excellent, economical way to enjoy our favorite superfood, packed with heart healthy Omega-3s

Try this recipe for making your own salmon burgers: Alaska Salmon Burgers with Rhubarb Chutney

Photos courtesy of Alaska Seafood