Available To Ship Now: Skinless Sockeye Salmon Pieces

Small, skinless pieces of our delicious sockeye salmon. Excellent for stir fries, risottos, soups, tacos and salads. These small pieces are great for kids and families. Thaw out a package of these skinless pieces, and quickly add them to your favorite meals. 

  • Vacuum packed stir fry pieces in 1 lb. packs 
  • All pieces are under 3.5 oz. 
  • Skinless and boneless for easy use 
  • An economical way to enjoy our favorite superfood, packed with Omega-3s. 

Try these recipes with your sockeye salmon stir fry pieces: 

Alaska Salmon Chile-Citrus Tacos 

Alaska Salmon Fried Rice 

Alaska Salmon Risotto 

Wild Alaska Salmon, Chive, and Cheddar Grills 

Wild Alaska Salmon and Avocado Roll Up 

Photos and recipes courtesy of Alaska Seafood