Buying Clubs


What is a Buying Club?

A buying club is a group of people who meet at a predetermined date, place and time to pick up their pre-ordered salmon. We schedule a shipping date with the group coordinator, then ship all the salmon on a date that works for the group. There is a 100 lb. minimum, and that can be met with any assortment of our fish. All fish is separated into 5 lb. liners, so it's easy to split up without weighing. 

Because we aren't shipping directly to every members' doorstep, the group saves on shipping. Our Wild Salmon Buying Club members get the benefit of buying high quality delicious healthy salmon at the lowest price we can offer.

How does a buying club work?

The first step is to gather a handful of friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members who are interested in buying our delicious, healthy, sustainable salmon. Finding these people can be as easy as sending off a group email with a short message and a link to our website so they can see what you are talking about. Once you think you have a group together, send us an email so we'll know to look for your order. 

How do I start a buying club?

Your local CSAs and co-ops are excellent places to find people who want delicious, healthy, wild-caught Alaska salmon. Reaching 100 lbs. is as simple as you and 4 other people placing 20 pound orders. Keep in mind, most of of customers preorder between 30-50 pounds to enjoy throughout the year. Once you try our Wild Alaska Salmon, you'll see that 20 pounds will go faster than you think. Plus, it can be split up between more friends or family and it makes great gifts too.

Once you have a group together, be sure to let us know. Then, everyone can order directly through our website by selecting the Buying Club item on the purchase page. Remember to enter your buying club's name in the "Notes" section, so we know where to send your salmon

Alternatively, some group coordinators just keep a spreadsheet of the orders, and send us a check or electronic payment. That's even easier for us, so it's up to you.

Need help finding enough people to start a buying club? 

Current buying clubs have sent an email to their friends or groups they belong to (i.e., clubs, social groups, community list-serves, church groups, CSAs, co-ops, etc.) with a link to our website. You can also share one of our posts on Facebook (like us at Smart Source Seafood) and Instagram (@smartsourceseafood). Once a buying club is established, it usually grows on its own members word-of-mouth advertising.