"You can tell this is fresh salmon, it's such a deep color, there is so much difference from the store variety. We are amazed at the taste. What we get in the store here is usually grown on a farm somewhere not fresh from Alaska. I won't be able to eat store bought salmon now. We love it smoked, grilled, and as sushi."- Rebekah B.

"The salmon is amazing and I highly recommend it. Although it seems like a lot of money to pay upfront, it is worth every penny. I intend to purchase again next year and to purchase more than I did this year (20 lbs). I love looking in my freezer and seeing all this yummy salmon just waiting to be cooked!"- Jane H.

"This was a birthday gift from my daughter. The quality of the product, and, attention to customer service is reminiscent of a time long past. Congratulations for your adherence to the important things, as I am delighted!"- Michael H.

"I love that my husband and I are able to spend time together preparing the salmon recipes. The recipe booklets included in my package have been a huge help and I'm beyond satisfied with my order. It feels good to know the source of my food (especially seafood!) and being able to follow the journey via Facebook and the Smart Source blog makes it all the more fun and reliable! I will definitely be back for more!" - Melea M.

"Great packaging for safe arrival. Still totally frozen when it arrived despite the long journey. I just got my order of cod, which is WONDERFUL and am ordering more tonight to have it sent to my brother-in-law. So glad I found you. Keep up the good work!"  - Marion D.

"Truly IS the best salmon I've ever tasted. Maddie was very pleasant to work with and it felt like personalized service. I found Smart Source on a FB page and placed a sampler order. This is absolutely delicious salmon and I will order again in the future. Thank you for this excellent experience!" - Kelly Z.

"I really appreciate the attention given to delivery time and freshness. Thank you!" -Crystal E.

"Growing up in a lumber and fishing town on the Northern California coast, I was fortunate to have plenty of fresh fish on my dinner plate. Now with Smart Source Seafood, I take great pride in supporting local, small town fishermen. Their dedication provides a healthy source of tasteful bites, every day. My freezer anxiously awaits the next delivery of wild salmon. Hurray!" - Debbie S.

"Best salmon! It's awesome to be able to have fresh salmon shipped from Alaska to Oklahoma! Thanks so much!"- Shellie B.

"The fish is very clean and cut in easy to defrost and cook slices. Good for me to fix a single serving." -Joan F.

"Best salmon I have ever had in my 53 years! Thank you for such a awesome product!" -Janette M.

"Great salmon, great service and excellent shipping. Exceeds expectations!"- Robert Y.

"Love dealing with you guys and the convenience of always having salmon on hand. We have been eating your salmon 2 nights/week - having some tonight!"- David S.

"We just tasted the salmon for the first time tonight, and it was scrumptious - perfect color, nice and flaky, extremely fresh tasting!! We loved it!!" - Robin M.

"You guys are amazing! Personal customer attention and updates were amazing. Will routinely order fish as my needs require! Thank you."- Theresa D.

"Very pleased with both customer service and quality of fish. My husband LOVES the smoked salmon."- Andrea N

"Absolutely enjoying the Salmon - we've tried it several different ways so far - had it for my mom's birthday dinner - she loved it! Thank you so much - I'm trying to spread the love! Thank you again!"- Carol J.

"My order arrived on time. I usually have trouble with FedEx as I live off the beaten path. Loved the salmon."- Linda C.

"Our experience thus far has been awesome starting with a phone call from the owner. You can tell that they truly care about their business. My 13 yr old son and 13 yr old nephew basically inhale the salmon." - Jim D.

"Great first experience ordering seafood online. Many thanks."- Jeff C.

"Thank you so much for the quick response and fast delivery! We are looking forward to future orders!" - Chrissy K.

"I'm extremely pleased with this first delivery, and the freshness of the Salmon I ordered. I'm going to try more Salmon and some Halibut next time"- Andrea C.