Good Morning Texas- Spicy salmon poke prepared live
February 2016 
Dallas Morning News- Northern Exposure  
May 2015
“I used to be vegan before moving to Homer,” Maddie O’Laire says when I ask about the biggest difference between growing up in Dallas and living in Alaska. We’re at a coffee shop in downtown Dallas. She’s back in town visiting family. “Now I’m handling moose hearts with my bare hands. This one time, my husband shot a moose in our front yard.” Her blue eyes widen as she hurriedly adds: “To eat!” She wants to clarify that it wasn’t just a trophy kill. Read More 
Park Cities People: HPHS Grad Finds Perfect Catch in Alaska 
March 2015
"When Maddie O’Laire was trekking through the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, she had a random encounter with a father-and-son duo from Homer, Alaska, that wound up changing her life". Read More