Shipping Information

**Orders placed after December 12th, 2017 will ship December 26th, for delivery December 27th- 29th. We can ship orders sooner, but shipping is at your own risk. We avoid shipping the week before Christmas because of possible transit delays. If you place an order during this time period, we will reach out to you to see when you'd like it delivered.** 

All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground Service using dry ice. We have found this method to be successful, even in the hottest months. 

Orders placed before noon (CST) will ship the same day. Orders are shipped Monday and Tuesday of each week. Orders placed after noon (CST) on Tuesday will ship the following Monday. After your seafood is shipped, it will arrive in 1-3 days depending on your location. Please see the map below for expected transit times. 

After your order ships, you will receive an email from FedEx with your tracking information. Our seafood is stored at our warehouse in Missouri and since we use dry ice, it will say your shipment weighs a lot more than the seafood you ordered weighs (the rest is dry ice!). These are new changes, so don't be surprised if your tracking looks a tad bit different from previous orders. 

Please only place your order during a time frame when you will be home to accept the delivery. You will not have to sign for your package- it will be left at your door. Smart Source Seafood is not responsible for packages after delivery. If you have any questions about the delivery date, please contact us

It is best to get all seafood into your freezer as soon as possible after the delivery, especially if you live in a hot climate. 

Please use care when placing seafood into your freezer. Vacuum pack seals are sensitive and may break if fish is not handled carefully. We upgraded our vacuum bags this year, so you should not get much seafood with broken seals, however it does happen occasionally in transit. If you find you have seafood with broken seals, eat those portions first. They are perfectly safe to eat, but will not last as long in your freezer. If you have more broken seals than usual, please let us know. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Your seafood will come packed in dry ice. Sometimes packages do not arrive solidly frozen. As long as seafood is cold to the touch, slightly thawed, sealed portions may be refrozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value. If thawing has occurred, it usually happens to top portions or fillets first, so eat those for dinner the night your seafood arrives! 

You may have remaining dry ice in your package when it arrives. Do not touch the dry ice with your bare hands. Remove seafood and leave the dry ice in the styrofoam box and it will dissipate. 

Unopened vacuum packed, non-smoked salmon packages have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3 days. 

Unopened vacuum-packed smoked salmon packages have a refrigerated shelf life of about 2 weeks. 

Our favorite recipes for your seafood will ship separately from your order.