Texas Tammy's Hot Smoked Salmon Dip

hot smoked salmon

Texas Tammy was one of our very first customers. Back in January 2015, Mike and I did an interview live on Good Morning Texas. Texas Tammy saw the show and contacted us soon afterward to place an order. When she called, I was still in Dallas and was able to bring her some of our salmon to try (VIP-style), instead of shipping it to her from Alaska. Tammy was one of the reasons why we started offering our 5 and 10 lb. boxes sockeye salmon sampler boxes shipped throughout the year, "What if you just want a little taste before committing to a large order?," she asked.  A great question indeed!

Tammy loves our salmon, but she REALLY loves our hot smoked salmon. When we first spoke, she told me about a friend of hers with THE BEST canned Wild Alaska smoked salmon she had ever tried. We didn't offer smoked salmon at the time, but as soon as we did, I let Tammy know. Of course, she ordered 5 pounds right away.

Texas Tammy sometimes surprises me with text messages, and her kind, encouraging messages always make my day. She is one of Smart Source Seafood's biggest fans and it's wonderful to hear how much she loves our sockeye salmon and hot smoked salmon. Working directly with our awesome customers is the best!

Thank you, Texas Tammy for your enthusiasm and support of Smart Source Seafood's hot smoked salmon... and thank you for sending the tasty recipe below. It's super simple and great for parties.


Mix our hot smoked salmon with Philidelphia Zesty California Jalapeno cream cheese. Taste it to get the proportion just right. Spread it on a cracker (we like Ritz crackers) then top it with cucumber and tomato and a tiny piece of hot smoked salmon on top. Nice looking and excellent tasting!

Variations: Mix hot smoked salmon with plain cream cheese + salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste. Spread it on a bagel and top with capers and red onion. DELISH!