Buying Clubs

**Please enter your buying club name in the "Notes" section, so we know where to send your seafood. You may use your own mailing address at checkout, even though your order will ship to your group coordinator.**

This item is only available to groups who have already contacted us about forming a buying group. The minimum order to form a Buying Club is 140 lbs. of seafood. 

For more information about how to form a buying club, please see our Buying Clubs page. 

To order more than 5 or 10 lbs. of an item, adjust the quantity field. For example, if you'd like 20 lbs. of the 6-8 oz. sockeye portions, enter a quantity of 4, since they come in 5 lb. increments. Each item will show a weight next to it. 

  • 6-8 oz. sockeye salmon portions, sockeye salmon burger, and smoked salmon come in 5 lb. increments 
  • Sockeye salmon full fillets, halibut portions, and cod portions come in 10 lb. increments
Sockeye salmon 1-2 lb. fillets (feed 3-4): $18/lb. 
Sockeye salmon 6-8 oz. portions (feed 1-2) $18/lb. 
Cod 4-8 oz. portions (feed 1-2): $18/lb.
Halibut 6-8 oz. portions: $31/lb.
Smoked Salmon 6-8 oz. portions: $27/lb. Hot smoked the old school way over an open flame. It's the best. 
Salmon burger- $11/lb. comes in 8 oz. vac pacs. Salmon burger is ground salmon- nothing added. Perfect for making your own salmon burgers, fish cakes, or tacos. It's the sweet meat taken from the backbone of the salmon after it's filleted. We have a limited amount of salmon burger. First come, first served. We'll do our best to accommodate

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