PREORDER Smoked Wild Salmon- Add on

Our delicious smoked salmon is a real treat!

  • Vacuum packed and frozen in approximately 8 oz. portions 
  • No cooking is necessary before eating- just thaw and enjoy!
  • Smoked on an open flame using local alder
  • 5 lb. box is appox. 10 pieces 
  • 10 lb. box is approx. 20 pieces 

Our smoked salmon is hot smoked, as opposed to cold smoked (like lox). It’s called “hot smoked” because it’s smoked at a higher temperature than cold smoked- it’s not spicy.  It transforms everyday meals into easy, elegant meals, or it’s the perfect snack on the go. Just thaw and enjoy a healthy treat. We love to add smoked salmon to our breakfasts as an alternative to bacon. It makes excellent soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, bagels, and dips. Yes, it’s good with just about everything and it’s delicious by itself too!

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