5 Kid Friendly Wild Alaska Salmon Recipes

May 04, 2016

5 Kid Friendly Wild Alaska Salmon Recipes

Some of our favorite customers are out tiniest customers. There's nothing quite like getting a photo of baby trying seafood for the first time ever- and it's your salmon! We get messages all the time from parents who are thrilled that their kids love our salmon. Here are 5 fantastic kid friendly salmon recipes to add to your family's meal rotation.

1. Teriyaki Salmon 

My dad made teriyaki salmon for us on a regular basis growing up, and my brother and I gobbled it up.  I always recommend this recipe to people starting their kids on salmon. It's delicious and fun to eat (check out the recipe and drawings and you'll see what I mean). Given to me by a friend who's both a mom and commercial fisher (with a son named Fischer), this recipe it sure to be a hit. Get the recipe here

2. Pesto Salmon 

Pesto pairs wonderfully with salmon. First prepared for me by my dear friend Eve Kilcher of Discovery's "Alaska: The Last Frontier," this is my go to, simple salmon recipe. Everyone loves it, including kids. If I pan sear it, I add the pesto after flipping the salmon skin side down. If I bake it, I simply add it before baking.  Get the recipe here.


3. Shanghai-Style Poached Salmon 

I wasn't so sure about this one, but Iris loved it. We don't poach salmon often, but we were delighted at how succulent and delicious this salmon turned out. It's very similar to Teriyaki Salmon, but slightly more complex. Get the recipe here

4. Salmon Burgers



Salmon + Burgers = Success. These Alaska Salmon Burgers with Rhubarb Chutney are amazing. Savory, sweet, and  not to mention, beautiful on plate! Get the recipe here 

5. Salmon Corn Chowder




Any kind of chowder is a it in our house. Iris is dairy-free right now, so we substitute coconut milk and it's still delicious. Get the recipe here  




































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